Women Engineers and Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities while facing lockdown

May 26, 2020 WSIS TalkX Season 2020 Episode 12
Women Engineers and Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities while facing lockdown
Show Notes

Starting in April, the WSIS Team will host a weekly virtual WSIS TalkX the for the WSIS Stakeholders to interact, connect and collaborate. Preparing towards the WSIS Forum 2020, High-level Track Facilitators, Workshop Organizers, WSIS Prizes 2020 Champions and others will be conducting virtual interactive talks highlighting their linkages with the WSIS Action Lines and SDGs. 

Join our twelve live session with Q&A on The Indian School where students with visual impairment thrive in learning despite lockdown.

For many children with disabilities living in the Global South, the transition to remote learning options has not been smooth during COVID-19. It disproportionately affects them and in some cases even excludes them from online classes because of a variety of reasons. This is especially true for children with visual impairment and low vision.

However, for one small community school – Saksham School - located in Noida district of Uttar Pradesh in India, learning continues for children with blindness and low vision despite the lockdown.

The school has planned its next academic session, students follow their regular timetables in digital classrooms, teachers and parents interact weekly on zoom, and queries are regularly posted on WhatsApp groups. A music and physiotherapist demonstrates easy activities for parents to do with their children through a live-stream session. Interestingly, over 70% of students in the school belong to economically weaker sections and most are children of migrant workers.

Moderator and Speakers:

  • Ms Denisse Salas — IT Consultant, Master Scrum, in charge of e-platform SwissEngineering Geneva
  • Ms Yvette Ramos — President of Swiss Engineering - Geneva Section; Managing Director IP Law Firm
  • Ms Lylian Coelho Ferreira — Project Manager, Suez Group
  • Ms Betty Bonnardel — CEO & Founder AB5 Consulting LTD
  • Ms Asma Brini — CEO & Founder of ABSHORE

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