Expanding mobile internet use during Covid-19 and beyond

June 09, 2020 WSIS TalkX Season 2020 Episode 14
Expanding mobile internet use during Covid-19 and beyond
Show Notes

Starting in April, the WSIS Team will host a weekly virtual WSIS TalkX the for the WSIS Stakeholders to interact, connect and collaborate. Preparing towards the WSIS Forum 2020, High-level Track Facilitators, Workshop Organizers, WSIS Prizes 2020 Champions and others will be conducting virtual interactive talks highlighting their linkages with the WSIS Action Lines and SDGs. 

Join our fourteenth live session with Q&A on Expanding mobile internet use during Covid-19 and beyond.

This session will look at the impact of Covid-19 on internet adoption and use. The discussion will also aim to uncover digital inclusion policies to pursue, as lockdowns are gradually eased and governments start to develop post-COVID-19 recovery plans.

Moderator and Speakers:

  • Ms Claire Sibthorpe — Head of Connected Society, Connected Women and Assistive Technology – GSMA
  • H.E. Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) — Minister of Communications and Digital Economy of Nigeria
  • Mr Stephen Chege — Chief Corporate Affairs Officer – Safaricom
  • Mr Ali Naseer  — Chief Business Officer – Jazz, Pakistan
  • Mr Davide Strusani  — Principal economist – TMT, Disruptive Technology and Funds, IFC

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